The Story

Track chainrings are the core product of Raketa and, in fact, the chainrings made our company well-known as the leading manufacturer of track bike components.

From the early beginning (and always) we wanted our products to speak for themselves. We never made common-looking parts just to have something to sell. With the same principles, we designed and produced our first models of chainrings: The Aeroring and The Diamondring. For producing them we utilized the 5-axis CNC machining, making this cutting-edge technology being applied in the bike industry for the first time.

At the end of 2018, sprint world champion Denis Dmitriev came to us with the idea of trying to break the world record in Flying 200 m. For this attempt, he needed the extremely smooth rolling 62T chainring, with maximum rigidity and minimum weight.

We had to overlook everything that we made before and look at the track chainring from a totally different point of view. This should be the state of technological art, rather than the designer’s creation. And that’s how we started making the Raketa Supersport.


Raketa Supersport chainring was designed using FEM analysis to provide the best stiffness to weight ratio. The backside of chainring features the honeycomb pattern, individually calculated for each size of the chainring. This helps the chainring to be very stiff, while also reducing the weight. The frontside is optimized for better aerodynamics.


In fact, we have the stiffest chainring on the market, and probably the lightest big-sized alloy chainring as well. This chainring is on average 10% stiffer than Sugino Zen. Our Supersport chainring holds well the power output of over than 2500 watts produced by worlds top male sprinters.

In the same time, thanks to smart machining, even the 60T version weights less than 200 grams.


The tooth shape was designed based on the experience of making our Pro track cogs. The mirror-polished tooth profile on Raketa Supersport chainring helps to reduce the friction as much as possible. Combine it with Raketa Pro cog, and your drivetrain will operate as smooth as does the Navy Submarine.


As all other Raketa products, Supersport chainring can be customized by adding the custom anodizing color or the individual engraving. This may be a good way for athletes to stand out of the crowd. If you’re running the cycling team or sports club, this feature may be helpful to make the identifying of your rings easier (you all remember those mess in mechanic’s pits, right?)

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details. We’ll happily work out the individual solution for you and your team.


Raketa Supersport chainring is made of 7075-T6 alloy — the strongest aluminum alloy so far.

Available in sizes from 47T to 63T and in all Raketa Anodized colors

Compatible only with 1/8" chains and 144 mm BCD cranksets. Remember to always check the compatibility of big-sized chainrings with the clearance of your frame.

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