Raketa oval chainrings offer a 12% ovality for a more natural pedal stroke and an enhanced structure for better power transfer and reliability.

What’s so special about our narrow-wide chainrings?

During the extensive development of our narrow-wide chainrings, which lasted for almost 3 years we, together with our testers and sponsored athletes, covered more than 100.000 km of different roads and paths, to make sure our customers will get the product of exceptional quality.

We’ve field tested and fine-tuned the tooth profile to have reliable chain retention on all modern drivetrains with specific 1x rear derailleurs. Our universal tooth profile was developed to be perfectly compatible with 9/10/11-speed and all existing 12-speed chains, including Shimano, SRAM Eagle, and SRAM FlatTop chains.

Our tooth profile is made to work silently, as do the conventional 2x front chainrings. We’ve minimized any kind of noises as much as possible, to keep you not distracted from the road.

The structural design of our chainrings allows for great strength and stiffness, reliability, and excellent power transfer. To ensure this, we precisely CNC-machine them from a 7075-T651 aluminum plate.

Raketa narrow-wide chainrings are available in all Raketa signature anodized colors. You’ll certainly be able to pick the right color for you and to match the other components of your very own bike.

Among other things, all Raketa chainrings are hand-finished to have a flawless surface finish, which makes them actually the most premium narrow-wide chainrings on the market.

Why choose oval?

Because it offers increased power, better efficiency, and improved traction thanks to the consistent torque.

Oval chainrings provide more power, better traction, and less shifting. The proprietary design offers all the benefits of an oval without an uneven pedal stroke. Once you try it, you'll wonder why you waited so long to switch.

Think of an oval chainring as two chainrings in one. The shape of the chainring takes advantage of your body's natural biomechanics in two important phases of your pedal stroke. The larger diameter engages with the chain at the optimal point on the downstroke. In contrast, it makes the pedal stroke easier in the recovery zone. Oval maximizes your efficiency during this phase by behaving like a chainring with a smaller diameter.

Tech Specs:

Weight: 40T — 73 grams, 42T — 84 grams
Available tooth counts: 40T to 50T
We recommend using a clutch-style rear derailleur for better chain retention. If you’re riding in very muddy conditions, consider using a chain guide in addition.