The idea of Raketa 110 BCD Aero Spider for road bikes didn’t come out of nowhere. We never liked the so-called “proprietary” standards, which major manufacturers introduce with any new generation of products thereby binding you to their own replacement parts.

It’s not that those parts are of bad quality (they’re not), but as we’re talking about mass-market things, their visual appearance is usually faceless and doesn’t allow you to customize your bike. Also, performance-wise, there’s always room for improvement over mass-produced things.

Instead, we love the concept of the bicycle where all parts are made with commonly used standards and allow the parts to be easily swapped. This is how our 110 BCD Aero Spider for SRAM’s 8-bolt crankarms appeared.

Raketa Aero Spider allows you to mount double or single chainrings and swap them easily, without the need for crankset removal. This is a major issue with direct mount chainrings, which require the crankarms to be removed for the chainring to be swapped. 5 bolt x 110 mm BCD pattern gives you access to a wide variety of aftermarket chainrings.

Raketa Aero Spider is precisely CNC-machined for perfect roundness and concentricity. It’s made of an aerospace-grade 7075-T651 aluminum plate to ensure great durability.

The structure of our Aero Spiders is FEM-optimised for extra high stiffness and low weight. The stiffness of the spider contributes to reliable shifting on 2X drivetrains and lossless power transfer.

The smooth aerodynamic shape doesn’t only make up for a bold look but also does not add unnecessary wind resistance, as do the traditional 5-arm spiders.

Tech Specs:

- Compatible with all road/gravel SRAM AXS crankarms with 8-bolt pattern
- Weight – 80 grams, w/o bolts
- Available in all Raketa anodized colors