We've started Raketa from scratch, on the basis of a small bike workshop. We never had investors and business plans. Pre-orders allow us to grow without investing expensive borrowed funds. 

Basically, that's our own approach to marketing. While big brands spend a lot on traditional marketing, supporting teams, ambassadors, paying for the reviews etc., we offer you to get a better valued product for lower price.

So, what benefits will you get if you pre-order

The part is made for you

Thanks to our own customization eco-system, we give you the opportunity to order a custom designed product. You may specify every little detail of each product and we'll tailor it just to your needs. You'll be sure that hubs or chainring were made just for you, and not lying around in the warehouse waiting for someone to buy it.

Support the independent company

Second, by pre-ordering, you can support us. You will receive the goods of excellent quality, and we will have the opportunity to develop in order to launch many more new products in the future. 

You'll get a limited product

Once a year we make limited runs of specially-designed products, such as Diamondring and Aeroring chainrings, Elite cog or High Flange Premium hubs. These products represent the technological achievements we made over years and allow our long-term supporters to own a piece of Raketa's history.
The value of these parts will only grow over the years.