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Raketa Track Cranksets —are now live!

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Solid drive-side crankarm features a one-piece design with an integrated spider, ensuring reliability and providing lossless power transfer. Our track crankset is known for having the highest stiffness in comparison to other cranksets available in the market.

The surfaces of our crankset are precisely machined to prevent any chainring runouts, which are critical for the optimal performance of a track bike drivetrain.

CNC-machining is utilized to maintain precise control over the dimensions of each structural element of the crankset, resulting in enhanced stiffness at a lower weight in comparison to forged crankarms.

Thanks to CNC-machining, our crankset design is tailored to the exact crank length required for optimal strength and stiffness.

Our triangular chainring bolts are designed to remain secure without spinning, allowing for effortless chainring replacement without the need for extra tools.

We offer a wide range of crank lengths and colors to ensure compatibility with any rider and bike.

You can also read more about Raketa Road Cranks to get a basic understanding of our principles in product design.

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Please note that due to extremely high demand, this item is still made on a pre-order basis! Estimated shipping date — July 2024

Raketa Track Crankset requires specific narrow BB cups to run on BSA/ITA threaded frames. Right now we cannot confirm compatibility with third party BB cups, and highly recommend getting our Raketa BB with the cranks. BSA bottom bracket is included in the price.

Weight 629 g, including axle
Chainline 42.5 mm
Axle diameter 30 mm
Q-Factor 136 mm
Arm material Aerospace-grade 7xxx-T Aluminum alloy
Axle material Aerospace-grade 7075-T651 Aluminum alloy
BCD 144 mm
Certification ISO 4210-8, Rated for Racing bicycles
Length 175 mm, 172.5 mm, 170 mm, 165 mm, 160 mm, 155 mm, 145 mm

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