Why this page is not like other warranties

We don't love warranty. Because if warranty case occurs, it means we've made something wrong and left you unsatisfied. That's why we have almost no serious warranty cases in our experience.

All our products are made at our own factory, not outsourced to a third-party fabricator. We have a small-batch manufacturing, that allows controlling the quality of our products at each stage of the process. We hand check each manufactured unit twice before we pack it into the box.

We are responsible for the quality of our products, therefore we don't hide behind legal formalities and complex return procedures.

Everything written on this page reflects our ethical attitude to the customer service the modern manufacturer should have.

What is the warranty period

Raketa provides a lifetime warranty on its Raketa-branded products.

Raketa provides a 1-year warranty on its RAW-branded products.

What does this warranty cover

Each Raketa product is covered against failures caused by manufacturing or material defects.

What else does this warranty cover

Many parts of the bicycle are subject to wear. For example, the hub bearings, freehub bodies and the teeth of sprockets have a tendency to wear out.

However, we warrant all products for one year from premature (critical) wear. This applies to the products that were used for the intended purpose and under regular maintenance.

Coating (anodizing, titanium nitride etc.) is a subject for excessive wear. Polished products, due to the physical properties of bare aluminum, may be easily scratched or corroded. It is not covered by this warranty.

What is intended purpose

All Raketa products have an intended purpose. We develop all our components considering how they will be used.

Products used outside of that purpose will not be warranted. We cannot be liable for any damage that may occur due to misuse.

For example:
— Sealed bearings and ceramic bearings are intended to road and track usage in dry and rainy conditions.
— Shielded bearings (ZZ-type) are intended to track (indoor) usage in dry conditions.
— Our components are not intended to offroad (including tracklocross), muddy and winter applications unless it's specified.

What this warranty doesn't cover

Unfortunately, our long experience shows that most of the failures occur due to incorrect maintenance or errors during the installation.

It includes: incorrect re-assembly, use in combination with not compatible products, insufficient maintenance, unauthorized modification, tampering, misuse, and neglect.

We also don't offer warranty on any coatings we use, including anodizing and PVD coatings. Please note, that due to the physical properties of anodized film and the properties of the organic dyes used for anodizing, the color of anodized components may change over the time under various conditions (UV exposure, chemicals exposure, abrasion etc.)


If you have any doubts when installing or using our products, please contact us immediately. Always ask an experienced mechanic to install custom-made components on your bike.

Otherwise, you will need to use the following paragraph.

What should I do if something went wrong

And yet, if something went wrong, please contact us via support@raketacomponents.com

Write a detailed description of the problem, attach a photo or video.

Be patient. We always try to find a positive solution for you.

We respond to all emails within 24 hours.


Hopefully, you will never have to read this page again.