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Limited Edition Raketa Titanium Track cog are here!

Imagine yourself at the starting line of an intense cycling race. You're standing at the edge, feeling the nervous excitement rising within you. You know that every little detail of your equipment matters if you want to have a shot at victory. That's where the Limited Edition Raketa Titanium Track Cogs come in - a true masterpiece of precision, and craftsmanship.

Every single cog is crafted out of the highest quality Grade 5+ Titanium bar with meticulous attention to detail, culminating in unparalleled strength and lightweight superiority. As you pick up the pace and your heart rate rises, you feel the smooth and reliable power transfer that only Raketa's track cogs can deliver. You know you can trust your equipment, allowing you to focus on the race itself.

But it's not just about the performance - it's also about the aesthetics. The impeccable finish quality of Raketa's Titanium Track Cogs is a visual delight, showcasing our commitment to elevating the cycling experience to new heights. It's a true representation of art and engineering coming together.

At Raketa, we understand the passion for cycling and the dedication it takes to win. That's why we pour all our expertise, and love for the craft into every single product, including the Limited Edition Raketa Titanium Track Cogs. We pride ourselves on continuously striving for excellence, because we know that's what our dedicated cyclists demand and deserve.

The quantity is limited to just 48 pieces in total. Once sold out, they won't be restocked. Don't miss!

Raketa Titanium Cogs have 1.37"x24TPI thread and are compatible with most track hubs in the world.

Material Grade 5+ Titanium Alloy
Weight 15T - 25 g
16T - 27 g
17T - 31 g
Coating Polishing / Anodizing
Chain width 1/8"
Cog thread 1.37" x 24 TPI
Cog size 15T, 16T, 17T
Anodized color Polished Titanium, Rose Gold, Lilac Purple, Electric Blue

Categories: Cogs & lockrings

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